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Euro-Sportring organizes international youth football tournaments, girls football tournaments, seniors football tournaments and handball tournaments in 13 European countries where each year more than 8000 teams from more than 30 countries participate.

The tournaments

  • open registration, all age categories and playing strengths
  • warm, welcoming organizers who proudly receive teams from abroad at their sport parks
  • attractive sport accommodations with excellent facilities and a pleasant environment, a sophisticated competition programme
  • festive activities, like an opening ceremony, an evening party, an official award ceremony

The organization

  • official referees – guaranteeing honest competition
  • an expert tournament committee
  • clear tournament rules, approved by the national football league, the UEFA and the FIFA
  • full cooperation from the local sports association and the city.

The accommodation

  • an arrangement to fit every budget: overnight stays in schools, boarding schools, youth and group accommodations, holiday bungalows or hotels
  • meals at the location, with or without the other participants
  • local support from the Euro-Sportring employee
  • information centre in the sport park and/or in the accommodation

A sophisticated competition programme
When planning the match schedule, attractions in the neighbourhood are taken into account. Of course, it makes a difference whether you go to a place where there is a lot to do, or end up in an area where there is less to experience. In the latter case, a more extensive match programme is offered, so that nobody has a chance to be bored, not even for a minute. In a place with many top attractions, like Paris or Berlin, a couple of hours are left open in the programme to allow for trips.

An arrangement to fit every budget

That means offering alternative housing, in schools or boarding schools in addition to regular housing in hotels and group accommodations. Those arrangements are available starting at €96,-. For that amount, we offer an excellent tournament with a four-day stay including meals.

Euro-Sportring means certainty

Euro-Sportring has been a reliable and involved partner for teams who travel abroad for 50 years. Euro-Sportring offers the certainty of a tightly organized tournament where nothing is left to chance. Millions of players who participated in our tournaments throughout the years can confirm this.


  • the specialist for international football and handball tournaments
  • an expert board with prominent officials from the international world of sports
  • a team with professional managers
  • efficient, cost-conscious and non-profit

The European head office

The structure of Euro-Sportring is non hierarchical. The organization is therefore highly flexible and operates most efficient. The day-to-day operations are handled by the management at the European head office in Baarn in the Netherlands, which runs the worldwide network of Euro-Sportring – the local representatives and regional agents in Europe, the United States and Canada, South America, Australia and Japan.



Erik Kool
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Tim Luiten
Telephone: 035-5414420
Contactable: ma-do: 08.30-19.30 uur, vr: 8.30-17.00 uur