De Holland-Cup wordt gespeeld in Almere op de velden van: 

The Holland-Cup will be played in Almere on the pitches of: 


FC Almere (Sportpark de Marken)

AS'80 (Klein Brandt Sportpark)

asc Waterwijk (Rie Mastenbroekpark 4)

Sporting Almere  (Sportpark Fanny Blankerskoen)


Almere is the youngest city in the Netherlands: the first house was finished in 1976, and Almere became a municipality in 1984. It is the largest municipality in Flevoland with 191,495 citizens (9 May 2011), and the 7th largest in the Netherlands. In October 2007, the city council of Almere made agreements with the government to expand the city to 350,000 inhabitants by 2030.